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Subject: Re: [flasher] qtvr in FLASH
From: Ray Broussard
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 16:01:07 -0000

> Hi everyone, is there a way to import a quicktime VR movie into flash and
> export it like SWF and everything works fine????????????????????
> just like this page, or does anyone have an idea how they did this???
> http://www.soh.nsw.gov.au/index.html

The direct link to the Sydney Opera House Flash 5 Photo VR tour is:

The Sydney Opera House Photo VR tour is comprised of about 90 panoramas. My
understanding is the tour was originally created as a QTVR in Director CD
project. Already having all of the copy, design, and processed QTVR and the
panorama rectangles, the tour's author reported it took him 11 weeks of hard
work to re-assemble the project in Flash 5.

It is the nicest Flash based PhotoVR tour I know of.

The author used Flash 5, but I feel it would have been better to make it
only require Flash 4.

If you have a QTVR panorama source rectangle picture, size it appropriately,
JPEG compress it to your satisfaction, import it into Flash, make it a
symbol, place two instances of that symbol on the same timeline adjacent to
each other in frame zero, shift them one rectangle width 100 frames (or
whatever) out and motion tween between. Build a controller to move along
that timeline based on mouse position and drag speed or some kind of
controller and you are done with the basics.

The above Flash based Photo VR does not permit you to zoom in or out or tilt
up or down, but 85% of people looking at QTVR don't use those features
anyway. You will also notice that the Flash presentation of the panoramas
are not dewarped like their QTVR counterparts. Just like many of the
JavaScript pano viewers out there, I believe a dewarping pano player could
be created in Flash, (I know how I would try to do it) but suspect
performance could be a major obstacle.

Never mind the hit on quality and features, Flash, because of its
reliability and plugin acceptance is the best way to display a photo vr tour
online. If I ever get another Photo VR customer, I am going to try to push
them in that direction.

Ray Broussard

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