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Subject: [flasher] flash tutor in Houston TX
From: chris asano
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 18:26:03 -0000

Is anyone available to tutor my friend in Flash? In
Houston or possibly Austin/Dallas.

Please send some info about Flash experience and rate.

The tutor will teach her the basic skills but will
probably do all of the hard stuff directly. From my
limited browsing of Flash, I am able to understand
that there are several areas of experience that would
be important per hands on experience. Knowing how to
package the final deployed Flash project, in terms of
compression and quality of graphics and sound.
"Programming style" per using layers and other Flash
constructs. I would like to understand your level
hands on Flash experience beyond a description of the
projects that you worked on.

I have a Flash web project to build a basic company
web presentation. I would like my friend to do this
Flash project. The company has retained an art
designer to design graphics for the web and some of
the images that would be used in the presentation. I
will be managing the web server. I have a great deal
of web, Java, Java script, database experience etc.

If my friend's progress is too slow, the tutor and I
will complete the project.

There may be other work in building Flash applications
tied to XML data sources from Oracle etc. So I would
like to build a working relationship with someone
which could carry over to other projects.

Thank you.


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