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Subject: Re: synchronized sound
From: Dave Smith
Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 23:57:09 +0100

Jennifer Perrier wrote:
> Prepare for novice question!
> When I made my latest movie, and show it at home (ISDN) or at work (I'm on
> the same network as the server) or in someone else's office, the music
> doesn't end at the same time. How do I make sure that background music
> always lasts for a certain number of frames? Is this even possible? Is
> this not working since I haven't added the "loading movie" phase at the
> beginning of the movie? Sorry I don't have a URL to offer, but I'm not
> quite ready to expose this to the world yet. If anyone has any ideas to
> offer or some hints, I would be most appreciative.
> Thanks!!

Hiya Jennifer,

Start your sound and loop more than enough times for slower connections,
28.8 etc. Then try placing an action keyframe at the end of scene or
movie where you want the
sound to stop and assign stop sounds to keyframe.


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  synchronized sound, Jennifer Perrier

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