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Subject: Flash source programs
From: Brian Alvey
Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 22:43:09 +0100

That was a totally misleading subject line and message body earlier.


What I want to do has nothing to do with GIF animations or file size.

It is purely a Flash creation question.

Should I use Illustrator for my drawings, then import to Flash?

Should I use Freehand as it has some animation control toolkit?

Should I use Fireworks, or does it have nothing to do with Flash?

Or should I simply use Flash as my beginning-to-end environment for making Flash animations?

Thanks, all.

-- Brian

On Thursday, May 21, 1998 3:17 PM, Brian Alvey [SMTP:balveyatobnm [dot] com] wrote:
> On Wednesday, May 20, 1998 5:30 PM, John Dowdell
> [SMTP:jdowdellatmacromedia [dot] com] wrote:
> > At 1:36 PM 5/20/98, Frederic Pierron wrote:
> > >What are the best ways to optimize a flash animation converted to
> > >gif anim? What are the main steps?
> >
> > Run it through Fireworks !!!
> Hey there everyone -- I'm currently developing a site which will have
> three versions: one is regular light HTML (tables and GIFs), another is
> Flash and frames and the third is DHTML/4.0+ audience.
> My big question is this (ignoring the production nightmare of three sites
> with the same content in three different Web formats): What's the best
> production tool for making Flash animations?
> I use Illustrator and Photoshop all day long.
> I own Freehand, but I don't use it (same as Director).
> So is Fireworks the best place to start drawing a piece that will end up
> in Flash? Is Freehand?
> I've done some Flash work but mainly used Illustrator as my sketching app,
> then pasted/imported.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks.
> -- Brian

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  Re: Flash source programs, Dorian Nisinson

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