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Subject: Preloading of Multiple Scenes Still Not Reliable?
From: Bryan Wilhite
Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 03:53:40 +0100

I have restrained myself from hoping that Macromedia's knowledge base
will be as robust as Microsoft's. If this were the case we really
wouldn't need Flashers would we?

I will now assemble my allegations...


* Shockwave Flash may fail to recognize Action commands during prolonged

* The vocabulary words "Page" and "Scene" have not been clearly defined.

* "Absolute" frame numbers are not recognized within the Flash 2 user
interface (but are exported in the Size Report).


* What is the recommended "maximum" file size of .SWF files?

* What is the recommended "maximum" number of scenes in Flash2?

* Can anyone list how many things could degrade during streaming? E.g.
what events may not fire after a large time?

* Does Flash3 eliminate some of the problems shared here?

Bryan Wilhite

the kinte space: cyberverse for the masses...and volumes

It's beyond the kente fabric of reality...
It's beyond all thang we dream about.

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  Re: Preloading of Multiple Scenes Still , John Croteau

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