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Subject: problem with If Frame is Loaded...
From: Jason Nugent
Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 00:45:56 +0100

Hey folks,

I'm having a small problem getting an If Frame is Loaded frame
action to work. It's probably something really dumb, but all I'm doing
is setting a keyframe with a movie clip in it, and then a frame action
that looks to see if Frame 100 in the Current Scene is loaded. If it is,
then I chose "Play"

So... If Frame Is Loaded (looks at frame 100, current scene)
End Frame Is Loaded

Flash seems to be ignoring the check and playing right through.
I wish I could point you to an URL to see, but unfortunately this is an
intranet project and there is no exterior server.
Do I need a loop or a Stop frame here to make this work? I'm
sure I've done it before with no hitches... any hints would be most
appreciated. Thanks all,


Jason Nugent, BSc(Hons)
ap958atchebucto [dot] ns [dot] ca "Beneath this canvas monochrome
Certified Webmaster Wrapped in the shroud of this grey home
I'll paint a picture all my own
I'll paint a picture"
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