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Subject: Re: Please Help test my nightmare!!
From: Troy Bennet
Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 14:31:12 +0100

Jim Curry wrote:
> Did I access the right page?
> This is the url I went to. Only one movie..
> http://espritmillennium.ml.org/work/Esprit/intro.html
> Ended with the text stopping its scrolling and the "transforming man"
> disappearing.

> The rest of the movies loaded this time. Great artwork. Bitmaps big but
> very cool! I would set of a wait for frame scenerio with each movie so
> the first time you see the new file it is complete rather than watch the
> layers "fall" into place. Load time was good too.
> Now, because its 5:30am EST, and I ahve had only one cup of coffee, I
> need to ask what your questions were.

> --
> Jim Curry :-)
> Virtual Curry

Do you think that having a loading anim and wait for frame action for every
essay would be tedious?

actually the "proper" route should be http://espritmillennium.ml.org/work/Esprit/

This will take you through the sniff process and start things rolling.

First, thanks very much for your help.

> I cannot see anything, windows NT Explore 4.0, but on
> http://espritmillennium.ml.org/work/Esprit/intro.html
> it looks good
> Jan van Boesschoten
> jvbatmediaplaza [dot] nl

Jan, not sure if you mean that you couldn't see anything and then it worked
or what?

So far things seemed to be working on NT Explorer 4.0 but its the mac side that
has been giving me difficulty. This might be because as John C pointed out, "
I don't
have no stinkin' MIME type set on sever!"

The problems were two fold. I was getting extremely consistent type 10 and 3
crashes on the mac
as soon as a Get URL frame action happened. Background color would load and
then, "Wham"

the other problem which was happening on the G3 (previously only mac immune
from the crashes)
when I switched to using the Demo vs Beta version of Flash 3. randomly, one
of the loaded layers
would just either not show up, or vanish as soon as my mouse rolled over it!
VERY disconcerting.
It really stinks when the nonloading or disappearing movie is the nav device!

Did the sounds load too? Having big dillemma about file bloat due to sounds.
It's really amazing
how easy it is to take for granted sound in a production. Can't live without
it once you start down
that path, but the pain...oh the pain of file size!

thanks again for this help and prevoius advice to others.



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