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Subject: Re: Please Help test my nightmare!!
From: Troy Bennet
Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 17:39:47 +0100

Andrew Ayres wrote:
> as the .../Esprit/ URL left me with a blank white page. I use Pentium II
> WinNT/233Mhz/ISDN/96MbRAM.
> so, like Jim, I went to
> http://espritmillennium.ml.org/work/Esprit/intro.html
> I liked the the man animation, which worked very well. The loading bit
> lasted about 20 seconds, which wasn't too bad, but would be better if you
> could work out a way to introduce the animation quicker (even if the main
> movement and sound is loading in behind it). After the text scrolling
> Marshal McLuhan quote I got to a page that says Welcome to Esprit
> Millenium. Then it kind of loses it, as I couldn't navigate to anywhere
> else, even though there seems to be a big hit area. This bit must be a page
> under development.
> Andrew

Andrew thanks for the test. It sounds like I need to either drastically
shorten the end of the intro (at the quote part or add a forward button.

I have taken Jim's advice and added a loading screen before each essay.

The navigation issue is one of the problems I was discussing. There
should be in the lower left corner a small ovoid. When you roll over
it, it gets bigger and you can access the buttons on it. This is
loaded into level #2 but sometimes it loads and other times it doesn't.
How and Why would this happen?

The page with the welcome and the device are underconstruction, but the
pages accessed by the device are fairly polished.

I'll let everyone know when the MIME thing is taken care of.

thanks for your help.


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