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Subject: Re: Help
From: Troy Bennet
Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 17:46:50 +0100

Liliana Purawinata wrote:
> Hi
> I want to make a button interactivity just like I used to create in
> Director.
> When I rollover the button, the movieclip will show up and play
> When I rollout and/or the mouse is outside the button area, the movieclip
> will stop and hidden.
> Well, I manage to create that interactivity...the problem is, when I tested
> it, the movieclip will automatically play continuously until I move my
> mouse on the button and move it out...the effect begin to work...I only
> want that movieclip show up when I move my mouse on the button. what should
> I do??
> Thank you
> Liliana


Are you certain that the movieclip is only in the over frame of the button?
Do all of the button states have keyframes?

I'd double check the up state of the button to see if you didn't place the
movie clip
in that frame instead of the static up state graphic.


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  Help, Liliana Purawinata

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