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Subject: Re: sound choices - what software?
From: Wayne Townsend
Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 17:53:18 +0100

Good point C,

So suggest some software for creating object sounds.
I downloaded virtual drummer from download.com, and it was kind of cool.
But a PITA to get the sounds converted into aiff or wav from quicktime.

Your right though, you'd be supprised what you can create when you try.
And it *does* make you feel better!


>looking for sounds......?
>dude, make your own. That's half the fun. are you creative? or just
>looking for handouts.
>for a 'copter, i would record a fan, turned to low speed, and insert a
>playing card into the fan.....there you have it, a helicopter. I tried
>it and it sounds killer. It even sounds good optimized at 11Khz, or
>Mhz, or whatever the terminology is.
>in short, let you freak flag shine, and develop your own creative
>ideas. You be much more proud of your project. (instead of knowing all
>the time that someone else added to your design)

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Dallas, Texas
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