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Subject: Re: Web evolution, was: RE: Talking about Bandwidth
From: Troy Bennet
Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 18:01:29 +0100

Jim Beck wrote:
> I quite agree with most of what you said, and am glad you responded. First
> of all, I need to clarify what I meant (and i think what Carrie did too) by
> "eye candy" - I don't mean stuff like rollovers, graphics, etc. (more on
> that later...). I mean sites that are dedicated to art and aesthetics -
> sites as Carrie so aptly put - that exist solely to "satisfy the appetite
> for art." (that's not an exact quote - what she said was better but
> hopefully you get the point). In your post below you write "...somebody
> pushed the technology." my point is that that "somebody" wasn't artists
> (unfortunately) - it was business, driven by the quest for money. Hopefully
> artists and those of us who appreciate art will also benefit from
> technological advances - I think we will. But in my view we won't be driving
> the bus.


Our site is a not for profit student publication exploring art, humanity and technology.
no $$$ in it for us (grades are still a kind of incentive though)

I think the ideas of how technology, art, and humanity intersect is interesting.

hope I can get the dang thing fully up soon.


only the essay section works right now. There is a wait after the intro animation
at the Mcluhan quote, about 20sec.



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  Great Edu site!, Richard

  RE: Web evolution, was: RE: Talking abou, Jim Beck

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