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Subject: Flash2: page freezing up - thanks for help
From: Andrew Ayres
Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 19:02:08 +0100

My thanks to Alan, Colin, David, Jan, John, and Jeff for testing out my
page. It's great to have Fellow Flashers at hand, even though my client
finds it bizarre that I turn to "Flashers" for help ;-)

The page is now live at http://www.aandl.com, and I'm praying it works with
all now!

Your responses established that there was/is a problem with the left-hand
menubar sometimes freezing up during download on both WinNT and Win95 using
IE4. Gods knows why it froze up. I put the stray <body> tag after <noembed>
for the <frameset> (thanks John). Yes, Fusion does generate a lot of table
cells, but they were in the right frame, and it was the left frame freezing
up. My only guess is that there was something buggy about the menubar as
exported from Flash2 running on WinNT server. When I tried exporting the
menubar from Flash2 on Win95, the freezing _seemingly_ doesn't occur
anymore. Please let me know if you experience www.aandl.com 's left menubar
freezing up on download. Also, if you're using a Mac, please let me know
whether you see the western shootout animation, as Jan reported not seeing
it (as the javascript page refresh couldn't have worked).

Thanks again, and I hope I can help you out sometime.


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