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Subject: Off Topic: Why I put up with Fusion's tables
From: Andrew Ayres
Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 19:42:45 +0100

Sean, John and all,

When you have a large, commercial site that has frequent changes and
additions, that need to be done extremely rapidly, then coding by hand
isn't an option, even though it's an excellent way to produce perfect code.
Fusion3, which I've only just received a copy of, also let's you hand-edit
HTML and leaves it unaltered, supports DHTML, and has a host of other
excellent features. This isn't a plug for Fusion3, nor a dishing of
Dreamweaver, as I don't know it, but a defence of why I have put up with
Fusion's tabling (something which won't exist anymore if you publish CSS
layouts from Fusion3). I have found that the disadvantage of
overcomplicated tables, resulting in a couple more Kb at most, is easily
outweighed by the advantage of a rapid, easy production environment.

Roll on "positioning by co-ordinates". I hate the use of tables for layouts


At 11:30 AM 5/26/98 -0400, Sean wrote:
>Precisely why I code my HTML by hand. What I don't do by hand, I do in
>Macromedia DreamWeaver, (pardon the plug for M DW) by far the best wysiwyg
>html editor on the market, with full support for DHTML; it even leaves HTML
>coding the way it found it (roundtrip HTML).

John Croteau:
>> Re: http://www.aandl.com/info/html/test-homepage.html
>>Another problem is the overcomplicated Table created by NetObjects

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