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Subject: Flash 3 - Banner.png & Easter Egg?
From: Tom Simpson
Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 21:22:09 +0100

I just double-checked on the banner.png issue and the Flash 3 CD definately
does not install the banner.png file referenced in the tutorial. The Flash
3 ESD doesn't either, although the last beta of Flash 3 did include the
file. Those that had it on their computers must have installed the beta
and not uninstalled it before installing the final version. Macromedia-
can you post this file on the website under the fixes?

I'm also curious about Easter Eggs. I never saw or heard of an easter egg
in Flash 2, and I'm wondering if Flash 3 has any Eggs lying around. (Best
one I've ever seen is in HomeSite 3.0.1 - go to Help>About and type


Tom Simpson

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