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Subject: Flash 3 samples - buttons with multiple layers
From: Tom Simpson
Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 21:37:06 +0100

I just got my Flash 3 CD and I've been looking through some of the sample
fla's under the Help menu. If you open the Actions-Frame Loaded and edit
the symbols, you'll notice that the buttons are almost all made with
multiple layers.

What I'm wondering is why? Are there any consequences of having multiple
layers in a button? In Flash 2 I thought it was a no-no to have layers in
your button, and I'm wondering why they were used in this example. I
checked and there weren't any Tell Targets or spiffy submenus being used,
so why have the layers?

I'm guessing that we can use them now if we want to, which would help to
keep elements separate, just wondering if this is an official change
(didn't see it documented in the manual).


Tom Simpson

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