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Subject: Re: sound choices - what software?
From: Troy Bennet
Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 21:47:49 +0100

Wayne Townsend wrote:
> Good point C,
> So suggest some software for creating object sounds.
> I downloaded virtual drummer from download.com, and it was kind of cool.
> But a PITA to get the sounds converted into aiff or wav from quicktime.
> Your right though, you'd be supprised what you can create when you try.
> And it *does* make you feel better!
> /w

I have used something called ReBirth RB-338 on both mac and PC.
It is awsome for making music loops. It makes pretty techno
sound tracks but you can mess with it to make a wide variety
of tempos and effects. I've used it on the site I've been working on
for some rollovers and background sounds.

I think their site is at : http://www.propellerheads.se

Very cool tool for MM authoring. Soundedit and Peak are awsonme too.

there used to be a really cool shareware tool called soundeffects.
Had some rad effects and the price was tough to beat. It might even be
freeware because it was undo retarded. This was mac centric though.


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