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Subject: Re: Flash2: page freezing up - thanks for help
From: Troy Bennet
Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 22:00:03 +0100

Colin Moock wrote:
> I hate to have to report this Andrew, but...the first time I went to
> www.aandl.com with IE4 on my win95 machine, the load froze (the browser
> didn't freeze). I used "refresh" and everything worked fine. I then
> shut down IE, restarted it, and went back to www.aandl.com. Again,
> everything loaded fine. I then deleted my cache (as much as IE4 will
> let you...), and reloaded. Again everything loaded fine.
> I'll try again when I reboot. But it looks like a first visit only
> problem. Somehow, IE4 remembers something that keeps it in line after
> you've been there once.
> I suppose there is the off chance that the network connection simply
> died. Wish web browsers had better diagnostic tools...
> -Colin
I had the same result the first time I visited (mac NN4)
except it crashed my entire system! I just thought that
I had too many apps open (Pshop, Flash3, Illustrator, Navigator 4,
and Fetch) but Colin's post makes me wonder. It crashed just as
the hand dropped the round into the chamber. Second time (after restart)
worked fine.


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  Flash2: page freezing up - thanks for he, Andrew Ayres
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