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Subject: Re: Flash 3 Frame rate
From: Scott Hamlin
Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 01:57:19 +0100


First of all, thanks for looking at this.

<<Scott does the movie consist entirely of frame by frame animations or
are there any tweened animations?>>

The burgandy rotating dial shapes are tweened and the text motion and alpha
effects are tweeened. However, the large blue aperture is key framed. The
animations definately seems to be slow while the apeture and burgandy shape

>>The things that I have found to cause slow animations are using bitmaps,
gradients, and alpha fades.
I didn't notice much in the way of any of those.<<

Well, there are no gradients or bitmaps and only a little simple alpha
fading. However, I tested this before adding the alpha fades and it was
just as slow. Adding the alpha fades didn't seem to slow it down anymore.

<<Have you optimized your outlines?>>

Yes, the outlines are otpimized--although I did that in the vector app I
used to do the illustrations, not in Flash (I rarely illustate in Flash).
Does anyone know if imported AI files that are optimized (ie the shapes use
the minimum number of points/nodes) become unoptimized when imported. IOW,
does Flash add points to imported artwork. I'll check, but I was wondering
if anyone has an insight?

<<It seemed to come to me on 14.4k pretty swiftly, but response time for
rollover to animation was sluggish.<<

Well that's how it was for me. I'm on an ISDN, so it loaded in no time, but
the animation is brutally slow.

Thanks again for the reply,

Still puzzled,


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  Re: Flash 3 Frame rate, John Croteau

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