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Subject: Re: Which is better? Flash/Real or Director
From: Wayne Townsend
Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 05:14:18 +0100

Hi John, thanks for chiming in...

It's better to really visualize this, so I put up three screen shots in
flash at

>If you need to convert this CD project into a web version, then have you
>considered using HTML itself as the hosting environment?

Not sure I understand you. Do it all in html? Why would I?
No, I need to do it in flash or director because I want to reproduce the
interactive environment on the CD. (see the screen shots)

>As Nigel noted, the trickiest part may be to do the video compression.
>Heck, it may not even *need* video in order to get the client's idea across
>on the web most effectively.

The video, as you'll see from the screen shots, is *the* main element of
the CD.

>I'm not sure of the project or the client there, Wayne, but it seems like
>the existing CD would be *inspiration* for some type of internet project,
>with a range of possible technologies for the revision. Am I ontrack with
>what you're thinking...?

There's a lot of video. They demonstrate the massage technique. And it has
to stream well. So I guess I'm leaning towards using flash for the menu
screens - ie. the whole website aspect, and poping up a Real window for the
video clips & background music/narration.

Does this sound feasible?

The original idea was to create a demo of the CD on the web for marketing
purposes. But now, we're leaning towards putting the whole thing on the
web. In other words, a *web application*. Skip the CD distribution costs;
let 'em buy it and *use* it directly from the web.

Has anyone else done a real web application like this?


Wayne Townsend
Dallas, Texas
US- 972.713.8705
wayneTatTopher [dot] Net (mailto:wayneTatTopher [dot] Net)
wayneatWebStaffing [dot] Net (mailto:wayneatWebStaffing [dot] Net)
gscatOnRamp [dot] Net <-- old

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  Re: Which is better? Flash/Real or Direc, John Dowdell

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