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Subject: Re: JohnC, you're a great asset
From: Jason Nugent
Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 11:31:32 +0100

I agree 100% here. I've only been using Flash for a few months
now but I've seen more community here than in just about all other
sections of web development I belong to. John is great at what he does,
and we are all greater for it because he shares what he knows so readily.

On Wed, 27 May 1998, Wayne Townsend wrote:
> PS: <sigh> Why don't you just go put "You Need to Set the MIME type on your
> server, fool!" in your sig. ;) Seems like a never-ending thing doesn't it.

You know, after reading this, I see John wearing a mo-hawk and a
lot of gold chains -

John - "Foo! Set your MIME Type"
Other person - "But I don't want to"
John - *smack* "Shut up, Foo!"

Just a morning funny...5:30 am here :)

Jason Nugent, BSc(Hons)
ap958atchebucto [dot] ns [dot] ca "Beneath this canvas monochrome
Certified Webmaster Wrapped in the shroud of this grey home
I'll paint a picture all my own
I'll paint a picture"
Live to ride,
Ride to Live. -Anacrusis

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  JohnC, you're a great asset, Wayne Townsend

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