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Subject: Re: Flash2: movie freezing up on first load in IE4
From: Andrew Ayres
Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 12:15:31 +0100

Hi Colin, DGL, Troy and all,

At 02:33 PM 5/26/98 -0400, Colin wrote:
>I hate to have to report this Andrew, but...the first time I went to
>www.aandl.com with IE4 on my win95 machine, the load froze (the browser
>didn't freeze). I used "refresh" and everything worked fine. I then
>shut down IE, restarted it, and went back to www.aandl.com. Again,
>everything loaded fine. I then deleted my cache (as much as IE4 will
>let you...), and reloaded. Again everything loaded fine.

Andrew writes:
Bugger, but thanks for the info. It's working on all my test machines now,
even when I clear cache. I can't isolate what it might be. Perhaps there's
a bug with Flash3 players playing 2 * Flash2.swf?

DGL wrote:
First, it must be his computer, both worked fine for me, although it took
quite some time to d/l over my ISDN here in the U.S. Second, WOA! Now
that's the kind of Flash I enjoy! I'm am also thoroughly jealous of your
artistic talents. That was HIGH quality!

OOPS! It worked on NS 4, but never did anything on IE 4. Course, I only
waited about 15 minutes for IE, but it looked pretty dead.

Andrew writes:
first, hmm, same problem in IE4 heh! second, thanks for the compliment.
Chris Duffill, my work partner at Pool.Net is the one with the artistic
talent. He tried to join the list yesterday, but hasn't received any email
so far, so can't join in the discussion yet.

Troy wrote:
cool little commercial! It all seemed to work well for me on
mac G3, Netscape 4, and 14.4k. A little large and long to DL
considering the the size, length but there were a lot of gradients
and sounds too. Nice draftsmanship. Rotoscoped or freehand?

Andrew writes:
Neither. It was all drawn in Flash by Chris using a Wacom Artpad

Troy wrote:
I had the same result the first time I visited (mac NN4)
except it crashed my entire system! I just thought that
I had too many apps open (Pshop, Flash3, Illustrator, Navigator 4,
and Fetch) but Colin's post makes me wonder. It crashed just as
the hand dropped the round into the chamber. Second time (after restart)
worked fine.

Andrew writes:
anyone have _any_ idea why a Flash movie should freeze up on first loading
in IE4?????? I don't!!

Thanks for all your feedback.


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