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Subject: Re: Which is better? Flash/Real or Director
From: anthony berry
Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 14:12:01 +0100

At 11:14 PM 5/26/98 -0600, you wrote:
>There's a lot of video. They demonstrate the massage technique. And it has
>to stream well. So I guess I'm leaning towards using flash for the menu
>screens - ie. the whole website aspect, and poping up a Real window for the
>video clips & background music/narration.
>Does this sound feasible?
>The original idea was to create a demo of the CD on the web for marketing
>purposes. But now, we're leaning towards putting the whole thing on the
>web. In other words, a *web application*. Skip the CD distribution costs;
>let 'em buy it and *use* it directly from the web.
>Has anyone else done a real web application like this?
>Wayne Townsend

at the risk of stating the obvious, how about flash inside director via the
flash xtra? there's lots of combinations that could work well - a
web-utilizing projector, some combination of director/flash shockwave,
browser (html) based presentation even without shockwave. but no matter
which way you slice it, a video heavy presentation delivered solely via the
web is going to be slow. you'd really be limiting your market. fwiw i
just got a 56k modem (v90) and streaming video still "sucks" (scientific

you might consider distributing just the video on a cd-rom, and keeping the
projector up to date via a url. (a stub which goes and gets your
presentation and possibly different flash modules off the net). we're just
starting to explore the opportunities director as a web aware application
offers - using the web for "live" updates. interesting area to be in right


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  Re: Which is better? Flash/Real or Direc, Wayne Townsend

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