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Subject: Re: Flash 3 Frame rate
From: Scott Hamlin
Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 15:14:40 +0100


Thanks for replying on this thread--as the other thread indicates, you
certainly have a lot of valuable insight.

>>AI and other impoted files need to be optimized inside Flash.
Flash uses a totally different drawing system than other vector formats.<<

Well, I tried to optimize the curves. On the blue aperture shape, it was
already fully optimized. Applying optmization, even on Maximum resulted in
0% improvement. On the burgandy shape, it did optimize about 33%, but that
did not seem to help--it still animated slow. Next I tried deleting
elements and seeing how everything else animated. Basically even when
everything else is gone the aperture and burgandy dial shapes both
individually animate slow no matter what I try.

<<Layer structure can also be a major cause of problems, causing Flash to
redraw unneccessarily.<<

That's interesting. Could you elaborate on that at all? I can't think of
what you mean by this.

<<If drawn in Flash or properlty optimized with proper structure this
should not be so sluggish.<<

Well, I'm sure you are right, but this example is starting give me doubts.
Again, the apertures shapes each have about 4-8 points (or whatever each)
and the burgandy shape was reduces to a relatively small number as well.
When I rendered these shapes in my vector program I was very careful to use
the minimum number of points/nodes. So, this problem is turning into a bit
of mystery.

Nevertheless, thanks for your help,


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  Re: Flash 3 Frame rate, Jason Nugent

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