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Subject: Suggestions/Critique Welcome
From: Jennifer Perrier
Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 17:33:44 +0100

Hi Flashers,
I have finally gotten brave enough to show you my History of Day Trading
movie that will eventually go on our web site. Please keep this URL

The movie is located at www.blocktrading.com/new/blockhistory.swf - I don't
have a loading page set up for it yet or any of that stuff. I just wanted
to get your feedback in terms of general suggestions as to what could make
the movie better. Keep in mind, I just converted it from Flash 2 to 3, so
the only modification I made was to add some alpha-channel work to some of
the tweens. When I exported in Flash 3, the nice surprise was that the
output .swf file was about 100kb smaller. Warning: the file is 585 kb right
now, I assume due to bitmaps and sound.

Please also keep in mind that this is my first major animation project, so
please keep comments in a gentle tone :-)

I realize that I need a "wait for loading" sequence which I will implement

Thanks for all your help in advance and thanks for pushing the frontier of
animation - some of you flashers are so clever I'm amazed. And JohnC is of
course an asset!

Jennifer Perrier
Webmistress, Block Trading Inc.
jperrieratblocktrading [dot] com

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