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Subject: Re: midi files
From: Nigel Randsley-Pena
Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 20:32:09 +0100

Jim :

It won't be easy finding royalty-free midi's on CD. At least I know of
none. Anyone please correct and inform if wrong.
Anyway if the site is non-comercial and I would sugest contacting Bjorn
Lynne ( lynneatlynnemusic [dot] com ). He is a professional composer and does
very good work for games and films, etc. Check out his site at :
http://www.lynnemusic.com .
If classical music is of any use to what you want then you'll find quite
a lot around the web royalty-free.
If none of the above helps please feel free to ask and I will get
something for you to use.

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