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Subject: Re: Suggestions/Critique (Block Trading)
From: Bryan Wilhite
Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 22:11:49 +0100

I used MSIE 3.0 to view blocktrading.swf. I was using a shared T1 line so
I did not notice loading problems. I was not using a sound card so I did
not hear a thing. I am running a Pentium II CPU. In general your
visualization is good. Now here are a few points to consider:

* I myself have a presentation that uses a very large zoom
(www.kintspace.com/p_kitajec.html). I find the motion too jerky even on a
Pentium-class processor. It can't compare with the smoothness of motion
seen in video. I would try to avoid these processor-intensive motions.
You can't fool an audience that watches too much TeeVee!

* Avoid using fades on bitmaps for the same "jerky" reason.

* Avoid placing objects outside of your movie window. I found out the
hard way that these things are not cropped on the fly.

* Review the basic typographic rules for using fonts. Page layout rules
apply here too!

* Please take a look at your time-line sequences. I think I saw an
overlap of years occur.

I wish I could review every request for critiques but I can't seem to
stay on top of evrything in this information age. Hope this helps more
than it may hurt.

Bryan Wilhite

the kinte space: cyberverse for the masses...and volumes

It's beyond the kente fabric of reality...
It's beyond all thang we dream about.

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  Suggestions/Critique Welcome, Jennifer Perrier

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