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Subject: Re: Which is better? Flash/Real or Director
From: John Dowdell
Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 23:21:29 +0100

At 10:14 PM 5/26/98, Wayne Townsend wrote:
>It's better to really visualize this, so I put up three screen shots in
>flash at
>>If you need to convert this CD project into a web version, then have you
>>considered using HTML itself as the hosting environment?
>Not sure I understand you. Do it all in html? Why would I?
>No, I need to do it in flash or director because I want to reproduce the
>interactive environment on the CD. (see the screen shots)

Hmm, after looking at the screenshots, and particularly in light of the
primacy of the video content, I'd still likely first reach for HTML
myself... the rollovers and guides for replacement media can be easily set
up in Fireworks.

(Both SuperCard and ToolBook focused on page-based multimedia, and so
they're a close relative to the page-based HTML/browser scheme. If there
was a lot of sprite-based work then that would push strongly to Director or
Flash, but if the main interactivity is rollover buttons, then Fireworks
seems like it'd do the trick.)

The nice thing about HTML, too, is that you can just focus on optimizing
the video, and play it embedded in your page whether it's RealMedia or
QuickTime or whatever you choose. Even in the 3.0 browsers you can use
table layout to butt the graphics right up against the video for that
seamless-looking interface. For instance:

Is this type of layout similar to what you're looking at...?


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