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Subject: Netscape 4.05
From: Brian
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 03:00:10 +0100

Greetings Group,
I am creating a Flash 2 intro for a website and all looked fine as far as I could tell then BAM.....Netscape 4.05 without the flash plugin, which of course is the default browser my client uses, bombs out on me.
The file is just stalling....in all other browsers I have tried (on pc anyway) either plays the flash file or loads the alternate image.
tried :
Netscape 2.02
Netscape 3.02
Netscape 4.04 with the shockwave plugin
IE 4.0
IE 3.0
all worked fine.
the page is :
I created the html with Aftershock...
any ideas?

  Re: Netscape 4.05, Hong

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