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Subject: Re: my email has been down, repost...
From: John Croteau
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 06:58:42 +0100

Hi Chad,

> Thank you for your response.. I am still having problems.
> I set up a button w/ the over state as being empty and w/ a goto and play
> action. It gos to a frame that has the three buttons that I want to be
> "hidden" under the initial image. This doesn't seem to work either. Was I
> understanding you properly?

No, apparently not. The second frame should no longer have the original
button, though it could have a graphic of it (or part of it). The three
underlying buttons are only in the second frame and the first button is
only in the first frame. Note the 3 buttons will only appear as if they
were under the first button. The first buttons hit and down states will
never be seen since the over state will move to a new frame before they
could be activated.

> > Buttons under other buttons do not work, only the uppermost button is
> >effective, even if it is invisible. Use the Mouseover effect of a button
> >to move to a different point (frame) on the timeline. You can do this on
> >the main timeline or do it inside a Movie clip.

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  Aftershock/Java, Marcantonio Magnarapa
  Re: my email has been down, repost..., Chad Richard

  my email has been down, repost..., Chad Richard
  Re: my email has been down, repost..., Chad Richard

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