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Subject: thanx all
From: Jan van Boesschoten
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 13:02:29 +0100

Hi Flashers,

I will be gone for a while. I keep track off you, but won't be able to test all your sites. I start my own business and have at home only a 486 with 28.8 k to the internet. Cable connection will arrive mid July, so...

I just want to thank you all and of course especially John, for all the things I learned. I used a lot of your sites and content to demonstrate what flash is and what it means, I worked for a demonstrationcentrum of the electronic high way for the top management of the Netherlands, and man, I am glad, I am out of here, coorporate business is nothing for me...

I will translate all tips tricks and news in dutch for the dutch flash site http://www.newmediago.nl/FlashCentralNL/, it is still more or less under construction; a lot of content still has to be added and the mime types have to be set, but the beginning is there.


Jan van Boesschoten

jvboesatxs4all [dot] nl

Jan van Boesschoten
jvbatmediaplaza [dot] nl

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