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Subject: Re: Please Help test my nightmare!!
From: Troy Bennet
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 14:10:34 +0100

David Owen wrote:
> Perhaps I have missed it but I have seen no responses to your content
> and design. I for one am impressed with your site. It is refreshing and
> inspiring to see such an original and artful site. (I confess that I am
> viewing it on a fast connection , I will be interested to see how it
> does at home)
> This forum is primarily for technical exchanges but it is good to
> remember what the end result of our technical acumen can be.Good work. I
> look forward to the finished piece. (So far I am only able to visit the
> 'essay' section, yes?)

thanks for the encouraging words David. Hopefully everything seemed to work properly?
What platform/browser combo were you using?

The site is constantly being tweaked as we work toward finishing the rest of
the site.
When it is finished and ready for this list to beta test, I will post another
xall for

Interestingly, most of our audience will be on fast connections through either
or education. We have to make sure that even 14.4k modems can cope with the site.

I'd be happy to answer questions on the site, so feel free to ask.

I think that MIME type is set for server now. I followed all of the
instructions and
rebooted the machine. Can someone help verify that? http://espritmillennium.ml.org/work/Esprit/

if all you get is a blank screen then add a intro.html to the end to jump in.

The whole hidden frame for preloading is a very cool idea. Thanks to those
who suggested it.
gotta figure out how to specify load order of frames. Trying to follow that
thread, but missed
some of the posts.




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