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Subject: RE: Suggestions/Critique Welcome (Block Trading)
From: Jennifer Perrier
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 14:25:06 +0100

Jim, DGL, Bryan,
Thanks for the comments on my movie
(http://www.blocktrading.com/new/blockhistory.swf) - I really appreciated
your honesty and you didn't hurt my feelings :-) Some of the things you
mentioned were things I had thought were a problem and wanted to make sure
that with different connection speeds, they were actually a problem,
particularly the how fast the text appeared, especially towards the end.
Glad you liked the history lesson - it was a bit of digging to get those
dates! In answer to DGL's question, the web site visitors will choose to
view the movie, since it is huge. Right now when you first get to our site,
you see a small Flash 2 presentation (or not, if you choose to just enter
the site...).

Bryan - there was one scene that I can't get those dates not to overlap on
for the life of me. They look fine in preview mode in the Flash 3 editor,
but every time I export the movie (Flash 2 and 3) the text moves. In case
anyone's wondering, it's the slide with 1971, 1980, 1987. It is driving me

I'll let you know when it's ready for production and perhaps a couple of you
could test it again to make sure the loading is working!

Thanks again for your help!

Jennifer Perrier
Webmistress, Block Trading Inc.
jperrieratblocktrading [dot] com

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