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Subject: Re: Suggestions/Critique Welcome
From: Ron Stephens
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 16:12:41 +0100

Hi Jennifer

Congratulations on your first movie - you've done a lot more with Flash
than I have

Anyway you asked for comments - I wouldn't comment on the technical stuff
so here are my impressions as a viewer from the paste-up era.

It took a little time to down load on my slow modem (14.4), and stalled
first time at the clock face when connection dropped to 900 bytes! Better
connection second time and took 3 minutes.

I let it run again to see if it play faster from the cache - it did, but
I found certain sections still paused for too long - this broke up the
overall flow, and in some parts it seemed a little disjointed - was this
my machine? (Mac 7500/100, NN3, Flash 3 plug in and 48.8Mb of 176Mb
allocated to NN).

The worst pauses were right at the beginning, then later at the clock
face which seemed to hang about for ever. Then one or two pauses during
the time line sequence - this part was the most succesful I thought and
is a really good use of Flash! Here I noticed that 1987(?) was over 1982
at the end.

The introductory image sequence in the circle was also really nice, and
seemed to be exactly what Marcantonio has been asking about, but I
noticed a clipped area at the top of the circle. Did you create the
circle in Flash or bring it in from Freehand or similar?

When you introduced the green text I thought that this may have
benefitted from coming in more gradually in sections (as you do on the
time line) to lead the viewer through the statements. There is an awful
ot of text to take in at once and here a longer time could have helped.
But there was none of the rough edges that I have noticed when viewing
others (the high quality settings thing I guess).

When you zoomed the text out, and also the clock face, I thought that
they should have continued to fill the entire screen area to provide a
better cut/link in the sequence. Also, part way through some text appears
in the centre of the clock face.

This may seem a lot of criticism but it is intended to be constructive -
and you did ask - anyway you've now shamed me into doing something myself
that I can put up and stop lurking on the fringes.

Keep up the good work!

- and nice piano playing - yours?

ronatrsdesign [dot] u-net [dot] com

Ron Stephens
Independent design consultant
tel/fax +44 (0) 1606 891 598
mobile tel 0860 164 091
mobile fax 0802 257 986 (use voice first to set up)
mobile data 0802 257 941

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