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Subject: Scale problem (i insist, sorry)
From: Christian.Gayton
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 16:56:22 +0100

Back to you 'cause noone answered my question.
I'll try to be clear (perhaps it was the cause of no answers)
I've read technotes (12701 and 13093)
I'm in the case below (extract of technote 13093) :

Elements that are animated off the Flash movie stage can be displayed in
the Flash players. This will occur when there is extra space allowed for
the movie.

I've done what is sayed to prevent this :

To prevent this from occurring, you can do one of three

Create a mask to frame your movie

Create a new layer above all others.
Select the Pencil Tool.
Using the same color that is used for the
background, draw a box around the entire animation.
Include all off stage elements.
Draw a second box that just surrounds the area that
you want displayed. This is usually the
stage area of the movie. Note: you can make this an
ellipse for varied effect.
Select the Paint Bucket Tool and fill the area
between the two boxes

AND i want to use 100% params for width and height, so i need to use
My movie is 4:3 proportional (initial size = 400/300)

What happens :
- if i use 100% and SHOWALL, extra space at the top and the bottom are
not displayed but left and right are displayed :-(
i.e : http://netland.fr/100showall.htm
- if i use 100% and EXACT FIT, the same thing happens :-(
i.e : http://netland.fr/100exact.htm
- if i use 100% and NOBORDER, extra space on the left and right are not
displayed but the movie is cut at the bottom and the top :-(
i.e : http://netland.fr/100noborder.htm

I'm confused...Specially when i see a site like http://www.eye4u.com,
where i think they also have animated elements that are off stage. I
can't imagine they do all artworks frame by frame, deleting all extra

Can the flash gurus give me a solution.


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