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Subject: New Flash/Director Golf Game needs testing...
From: Ron Manke
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 17:20:39 +0100


We have a new Shockwave applet that needs testing. This Director applet
utilizes the Flash Xtra.

Flash Golf (our working title) is a unique Golf game that allows you to
pan, rotate, and zoom over the golf course - courtesy of the cool
features in Macromedia Flash!

The temporary URL is: <http://www.blackstone.ca/projects/golf/>

This game uses a 2 click method for aiming and swinging.

To golf, just click on the golfer and rotate. When you let go, the power
meter will automatically start. Just press again to set the power meter
and let go when the slice is to your liking. (There are more elaborate
instructions on the FAQ at the URL above).


Feel free to give this URL out to whoever you may feel is interested in
testing it, but remember that this is only a -TEMPORARY- URL. (When the
project is done, we will send you the new permanent URL).

This game utilizes Shockwave for Director and the Flash Xtra. Make sure
you have the latest version of Shockwave installed. Unfortunately, this
applet does not seem to work on Internet Explorer 4.01 on the Mac... (If
anyone knows why, PLEASE let us know).

Let us know what you think! Please send me your comments and feedback on
any problems that may arise.

Thanks for your time. We REALLY appreciate it.

- Ron Manke

P.S. These are the unresolved issues at this point:

-> Things are a lot slower in Shockwave than in Director/authoring mode.

-> on the PC, in projector/shockwave mode the sounds play at twice the
sample rate (they sound high). This doesn't occur on in Director/authoring
mode. Nor does it happen at all on Mac.

-> Still trying to hunt down an obscure bug that gives you an erroneous
under unusual circumstances. Please let us know the circumstances, if
you notice
this "feature".

-> If you lose your internet connection, or one of the holes or hole
descriptions files fails to download while you play the previous holes,
unpredictable results can occur. We're going to fix this with a
broken, must reload" screen.

-> We have yet to test our 'test for Flash' on persons with older

Ron Manke
Blackstone Multimedia Corporation
9744-45 ave.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T6E 5C5
Ph: (403) 433-1166 x228

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