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Subject: RE: Projector...
From: Brad Bechtel
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 17:30:19 +0100

At 10:19 AM 5/28/98 +0200, you wrote:
>There seem to be a number of posts about opening a browser from a projector
>and I think a large number of flashers could really use this function (me
>too:-)). Someone posted a solution in using an .exe type app to kick in
>another file but seeing I have no major programming background, I can't use
>this method.

You can create a projector that opens the browser using the FSCommand with the command parameter Exec and the argument parameter being the browser application name; however, you must include the specific path to the application you're calling.

We specifically did not include the ability to pass multiple parameters in the FSCommand(exec) because of the ability to do unsafe things such as erasing drives, etc. A resourceful person could create a batch file or Applescript to get around this.

There's a sample of this on the shipping CD in the Goodies:FSCommand folder (the stuff that DIDN'T get installed on your hard drive).

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