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Subject: RE: HIGH Quality PNG files
From: John Dowdell
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 02:45:18 +0100

> The images are originally made as either tga's, pcx's or jpg's....

This means that at least some of them are compressed before they get to
Photoshop, which can be difficult when later compressing again in Flash.

>the end product is still noticeably of lower quality than the original

In the previous post you said they were "grainy and blurry". That could be
one way to describe double-compressed JPEG. Another tipoff might be if
there were small rectangles seen in the image.

One way to test whether it's the transfer itself that's at cause here would
be to isolate away the source imagery. Suppose you make a test pattern in
Photoshop -- such as by selecting each of the RGB channels in turn and
giving them their own gradient -- and then saving out from Photoshop as

If this shows the same type of difference after the JPEG recompression in
Flash then we could assume that the original imagery likely plays little
role. But if the test images work fine, yet the original TGA/PCX/JPG don't,
then the source images would likely hold the key to the cause.

I'm also not sure whether PNG always uses JPEG-style compression or not
after export from Flash... PNG is highcolor like JPEG, but lossless like
GIF. My own PNG come out well, and I'm not yet sure of the difference

Hmm, one other thought, to get the browser out of the loop... when you
choose the "Test Movie" option from the Control menu in Flash 3, check
whether this SWF looks different from the first SWF in any way. That might
be another way to cause the difference.


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