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Subject: *+*+Super-Slow Machine Streaming+*+*
From: Doug
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 15:27:57 +0100

HEy all,

my # 1 question in the month of being on this list is as follows:

situation- i'm running a unmentionably slow machine, with a slow cpu and
1 meg vid card, etc, it's slow....anyways

i want to stream a cartoon sequence with a voice in synch with the
talking mouth, but even with a setting of 12 frames per second
I can't test it or even create it properly to know if it's going
to run smoothly or look like a dubbed jackie chan flic.

am i going to run into this problem with the diversity of all cpu
or should i use sounds as events that begin with the character speaking?

I noticed the major difference in my system's speed when creating the
version of my site at http://www.geoverse.com and some of you guys
replied that
certain scenes would merge quickly and cut off sounds from the previous

thanks in advance for any response to this,


dougatbenoit [dot] net
http://doug.benoit.net (nothing here yet)

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