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Subject: Attn MM: Flash 3.0.1 feature request/tweak
From: Tom Simpson
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 16:15:35 +0100

I don't know if there's any plans for a Flash 3.0.1 program, but there's
one feature/fix I'd like to request. (using Flash 3 on a PII 300 Win 95 box)

In flash 3 under the names on the timeline is a new button/status indicator
that lets you switch from editing the movie to editing the symbols. In the
movie enviroment it lets you change scenes, and in the symbol editing area
you can select which symbol to edit.

The problem? It doesn't scroll. On my latest project, the Trivia Contest,
I use a number of symbols, but the popup will only list as many symbols as
can fit on the screen. With 200+ symbols it takes a while to scroll
through the tabs on the right, and being able to select from the popup
would be a significant speed increase.

I'm envisioning either having the popup add a scroll button on the top and
bottom similar to IE 4's desktop integration, or to have the popup tile
horizontally similar to when in Fireworks you go to the Text>Font menu and
the fonts scroll out across the screen.


Tom Simpson

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