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Subject: RE: tell target voodoo
From: David Owen
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 17:17:15 +0100

Thanks David

What you described is what I am seeing in my file. Knowing the
limitations of this function will help in using it.


> ----------
> From: David Baldeschwieler
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> Sent: Thursday, May 28, 1998 8:20 PM
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> Subject: Re: tell target voodoo
> David,
> The "Tell target" UI for button and frame actions is designed to
> display
> the instance names of targets that exhist in the timeline during the
> "lifetime" of that button or frame. So, to use your example:
> Say you have a frame action on [layer 1, frame 10] which is a tell
> target, and you want to target a movie clip instance which is on
> [layer
> 2, frame 20]. If there is a keyframe on [layer 1, frame 15], then the
> "lifetime" of your keyframe with the action attached is from frame
> 10-14... because at frame 15, that frame gets replaced by a new frame
> in the same layer. So therefore, it can not possibly ever send an
> action
> to something on frame 20. The same would be true of a button on [layer
> 1, frame 10]. The keyframe at frame 15 ends that button's "lifetime"
> on
> the timeline. Does that make sense?
> However, in the same case, if you have a frame action on [layer 1,
> frame
> 10], and a target on [layer 2, frame 20], and you insert a frame on
> [layer 2, frame 15], the action on [layer 1] should STILL be able to
> see
> the target on [layer 2, frame 20], because the span of that [layer 1]
> frame action is not interrupted by another frame on [layer 1] before
> frame 20.
> THis stuff is hard to explain over e-mail. I wish I could draw it out
> for you, but hopefully this makes sense. If you are still using the
> public beta, you MUST download the new FREE trial version from the MM
> web site or get the shipping Flash 3 CD, because there were several
> "Tell Target" bugs that were fixed post beta. If you are using the
> final
> version, and you still think you have a bug, send me an e-mail and
> we'll
> take it from there...
> Something that's important to remember about "Tell Target" actions is
> that an instance which is not currently visible (beneath or left of
> the
> playback head in the timeline) can NOT recieve a tell target command.
> A
> target must be currently visible to the player/plug-in (although not
> necessarily to the end user) in order to recieve a tell target action,
> even if it is visible to the "Tell Target UI".
> Hope that helps!
> -DB

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