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Subject: Re: FLASH: On Generator [was: Just Back From UCON 99]
From: Robert Koberg
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 16:39:16 +0100

Hi Ken,

> > on another note:
> > I really don't see much need for Generator anymore. What is the plan for
> > Generator? What does Generator bring to the table that can't be done
> > other server side stuff?
> Either I'm missing something here, or you are. Please let me know if it's
> former!
> Generator provides the only means I know of to pass variables to a Flash
> -- not only modifying its text content, and graphics, but even such subtle
> things as alpha channel levels for goodness' sake!
> So now Flash 4 comes along and allows the visitor to a site to *enter*
> variables.

You can only *enter*? That would suck.

I guess I am wrong about what is built into Flash4. I got my info, from the
conference real video clips and slight word of mouth. I understood that you
can use get and post for net data. This to me means that there is a return
value that Flash will be able to use. I thought I saw them demonstrate
taking variable information and using in Flash without Generator. Am I
completey wrong here (totally possible)?

> Next, when Generator 2 is released, those very same variables that have
> entered into a Flash 4 movie can be fed back into that very same movie,
> modifying it in jillions of ways.
> Instant customized response? Flash movies designed by visitor input?

Let me put out a simple example and please tell me if this will work:
A flash movie that starts out as a one field form. The user submits the
form for processing. This can be either javascript on the client or
asp/cgi/whatever on the server. After submission, and in the same movie
without refreshing the page, the text entered could be be shown to the user
without the need of Generator. Will this not work?

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