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Subject: RE: FLASH: New Corporate Interface Design
From: Kevin Jackson
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 17:22:34 +0100

Hi again Web Dude,

> http://www.techdry.com

Like the way you just "watermarked" the Tech Dry text in the
background as you went into the butons.

The just my opinion stage:
When the "8" comes in there is a gab where the ovals overlap that is
empty, which is fine but it doesn't look consistent with the symbol
in the other parts of the design elements.

Liked the balls/buttons rolling in but they came in so quick I missed
it the first time. Maybe take them around the eight once to get to
their final spot?

I would keep the text on the buttons in the mouse over because if the
user accidentally hovers they will have to leave the button to find
out what they are over.

Grey gradient under the 8 is a bit sharply defined to look natural.
Perhaps a slight curve to it?

Return from back button seemed rather abrupt. Maybe a fade return?

Not sure if this next thing would work or not but the circular area
could be a place where text wrapped to the image would work. ( And I
usually don't like the effect much.) The white on the gradient might
be a bit harder to read than if it was a different shade of green or
grey also

Final thought might be to have the eight and the buttons reduce and
move to a visible area.This would eliminate the need for the back
button. (Just a thought, would make it more complicated.)

I do like it These were just the "I wonder" type thoughts I'd have if
my partner and I were working on it.

Kevin Jackson
kjacksonattriskelian [dot] com

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