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Subject: Re: FLASH: To Scene or not to Scene
From: suzy
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 20:55:44 +0100

>Can someone please give me the pros and cons of using scenes in a Flash
>movie? I recall some posts to this list a while back talking about the
>disadvantages of scenes.

scenes? did someone mention scenes? god, i've been dying for a good thread!

hmmmm. perhaps i could borrow a stone tablet from john croteau.

commandment 1: thou shalt use scenes to your heart's if you've got a
linear navigation movie (buttons advance the user from one scene to another

commandment 2: thou shalt not combine scenes with a lethal tell target,
lest ye suffer the consequences (dire frustration, the pulling out of one's

*or* if you want to continue the shakespearean theme here, you could
possibly compare the relationship between tell target and scenes to the
montegues and the capulets.

this is a serious list, here, y'know.


s u z y

"fuck art, let's dance!"

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