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Subject: Re: FLASH: Getting the mailto: to work!
From: Russell E. Unger
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 21:34:42 +0100

You are giving it an action to onRelease GET URL: fineatfrogshair [dot] com (mailto:fineatfrogshair [dot] com) and tracking it as a button (Definition tab), correct?

Double check that.  If still not working, send an URL or the .fla and I'll happily take a look-see for you.



Michael Wynn wrote:

As a relative newbie to Flash but a long time user of Director, if baffled
at the fact that I cant figure this out, hence my reason for joining the
list and picking your brains.

I have a small simple 2 scene Flash file that has two buttons on it. The
first button simply switches states on rollover for a visual effect, and the
second I cant seem to get to work properly.
The second is a line of text which I turned into a button symbol, and I am
trying to get it, on click, to mailathk5 [dot] com (mailto:mailathk5 [dot] com)  ...simple enough right?

So I've implemented the Flash file into my GoLive page, and everything plays
back fine as frog's hair..BUT, the button won't launch the email client.

Now I tried a bunch of possible solutions to this, one of which was to put
the file through Aftershock to generate the code. Once this was done, I
tried launching the Aftershocked generated html by itself in both IE4.5
(Mac) and Navigator 4.01 (mac) and found that the email DID work in IE but
not in Netscape.

Any thoughts?

  FLASH: Getting the mailto: to work!, Michael Wynn

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