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Subject: Re: FLASH: On Generator [was: Just Back From UCON 99]
From: unique
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 21:57:59 +0100

Robert Koberg wrote:

> Hi Ken,
> > > on another note:
> > > I really don't see much need for Generator anymore. What is the plan for
> > > Generator? What does Generator bring to the table that can't be done
> with
> > > other server side stuff?
> >
> > Either I'm missing something here, or you are. Please let me know if it's
> the
> > former!
> >
> > Generator provides the only means I know of to pass variables to a Flash
> movie
> > -- not only modifying its text content, and graphics, but even such subtle
> > things as alpha channel levels for goodness' sake!
> >
> > So now Flash 4 comes along and allows the visitor to a site to *enter*
> > variables.
> You can only *enter*? That would suck.

Well there's more to it than that.

Read the frame about Field Entry Forms in the Flash 4 New Features movie on
MM's site.

> I guess I am wrong about what is built into Flash4. I got my info, from the
> conference real video clips and slight word of mouth. I understood that you
> can use get and post for net data. This to me means that there is a return
> value that Flash will be able to use. I thought I saw them demonstrate
> taking variable information and using in Flash without Generator. Am I
> completey wrong here (totally possible)?

Well I may be off as well. In that frame I sent you to above, it says: "Create
Web application front-ends using Get and Post actions to place text from and to
a Web server easily. Pass data to any CGI script for closer integration with
Active Server Page, ColdFusion, or Macromedia Generator dynamic graphic

But I don't believe the former two server softwares know how to pass variables
to Flash. They say above, "... place text from ... a Web server ...", but they
don't strictly express a need to have Generator Server Software running on the
server. I believe that you *do* need it there.

Ken Sherwood

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