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Subject: RE: FLASH: to the king of flash 4!!! (was: alcazar)
From: Troy M. Gilbert
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 22:05:02 +0100

Guys, I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist... and this is for the honor of this
Flash list...

>BTW - I am woking too - Flash 3 Intranet Designer for a big firm during the
>day... do freelance flash and HTML work during the night

Well, you must have a pretty nice employer... most employers I've run into
don't allow their employees to compete like that...

>and Resident DJ
>over weekends for a major club with a clientel of 100 patrons a night...

"Major club"? 100 patrons counts as a major club? Do you live in the
backwoods somewhere? I live in what would be considered a small college
town, and the majority of clubs in town have crowds of 400-500 each night.
100? I've had more people than that partying at my house... guess that
makes me a "Resident DJ"...

>hmmm I wonder where my damn attitude toward loosers come from, don't you?

Hmm... I wonder too. I hope the attitute checks out sometime soon... not
enough hours in the day for your type.


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  RE: FLASH: to the king of flash 4!!! (wa, Olwage, Pieter

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