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Subject: Re: FLASH: On Generator **Hey MM**
From: Robert Koberg
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 22:07:23 +0100

> Well I may be off as well. In that frame I sent you to above, it says:
> Web application front-ends using Get and Post actions to place text from
and to
> a Web server easily. Pass data to any CGI script for closer integration
> Active Server Page, ColdFusion, or Macromedia Generator dynamic graphic
> servers."
> But I don't believe the former two server softwares know how to pass
> to Flash. They say above, "... place text from ... a Web server ...", but
> don't strictly express a need to have Generator Server Software running on
> server. I believe that you *do* need it there.

They know how to send it to flash. the question is whether or not flash4
knows how to accept it. From your quote and the stuff I saw, I think it
does. Can someone from macromedia (or somebody from the beta list, if it
is ok to talk about it yet) answer clarify or at least point out some
documentation that explains the potential.


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