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Subject: Re: FLASH: On Generator **Hey MM**
From: John Dowdell
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 22:45:00 +0100

At 2:11 PM 5/28/99, Robert Koberg wrote:
> Can someone from macromedia (or somebody from the beta list, if it
> is ok to talk about it yet) answer clarify or at least point out some
> documentation that explains the potential.

I'm scrambling to catch up on email today, but yes, commerce and chat
applications were shown... these would both require serverside components
as well, but in Flash 4 the user can edit text, and you can have this text
formatted as a query term and POSTed to the server, and then receive info
back somehow for display (I'm not personally sure of the mechanism yet,

Sidenote: The current beta of the Flash 4 Player is on the Macromedia site,
in the "other players" link on the main Player download page. While beta
sites are still under NDA about various builds and the beta process, I
believe it would be fine to show links to such pages...?

(And there was a comment made at the conference about schedule for Flash 4
in Authorware, but I didn't retain the content, sorry... will try to find a
source for this info.)

(btw, I just mass-deleted as many remnants of that Alcazar thread as I
could find... if there were any support-ish questions there then I didn't
see 'em, sorry.)


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  Re: Flash and AW --was:FLASH: On Generat, Robert Koberg

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