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Subject: Re: FLASH: THANK YOU EVERYBODY! (is: contact)
From: John Dowdell
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 22:52:41 +0100

At 9:10 AM 5/17/99, Russell E. Unger wrote:
> Now, if I could just get MM to return my emails and phone calls,
> that would be great, but I'm unsure as to why that professional
> courtesy is not being followed. Anyone else have any difficult
> talking to them? (I'm trying to talk to them about Generator,
> but I've yet to get a response.) We're trying to find out how
> far the Generator product will go or what have you, but, again,
> no responses.

I don't know where you went, because "Macromedia" is a domain rather than a
person. fwiw, there are distinct sales reps specializing in Generator who
help on such consultation, and the Generator newsgroup is the single best
way to get questions answered.

(If you sent email to me offlist then that wouldn't work, because my email
address is horrendously exposed and I get more advertising sent than you
would believe. Various lists are filtered into various mailboxes and I'm
lucky if I get mostly through the lists by the end of the week. For private
advice the recommended channels are better.)


John Dowdell, Macromedia Tech Support, San Francisco CA US
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  Re: FLASH: THANK YOU EVERYBODY! (is: co, Russell E. Unger

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