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Subject: Re: FLASH: THANK YOU EVERYBODY! (is: contact)
From: Russell E. Unger
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 23:14:08 +0100

Let me set this up with the "This is *not* a pissing contest from me" prelude,

John Dowdell wrote:

> I don't know where you went, because "Macromedia" is a domain rather than a
> person. fwiw, there are distinct sales reps specializing in Generator who
> help on such consultation, and the Generator newsgroup is the single best
> way to get questions answered.

> Now, if I could just get MM to return my emails and phone calls,

I placed *several* phone calls, left voicemails in the mailboxes of persons I
was directed to, received no return calls and finally I received an email that
someone internally at MM found and THEN some things started happening.

I'm not trying to get into it here. I'm just saying that I had more than a
little difficulty trying to get someone to talk to me, and that was disturbing
to me. Saddening, is actually more like it...if you only knew how much of a
fan of the company I am, it might make you understand, but, asi es la vida.

> (If you sent email to me offlist then that wouldn't work, because my email
> address is horrendously exposed and I get more advertising sent than you
> would believe. Various lists are filtered into various mailboxes and I'm
> lucky if I get mostly through the lists by the end of the week. For private
> advice the recommended channels are better.)

Admittedly, I think I tried that, but I can appreciate where you're coming from
on that one.

It's been taken care of, so that's cool, but it would have been nice to not
have been as painful as it was. Yeah, a few phonecalls...there's some pain.

Thanks for the response; that's worth an ounce of Gold.


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  Re: FLASH: THANK YOU EVERYBODY! (is: co, John Dowdell

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